Educating & Engaging on Energy Issues

The Herringbone Consultancy exists to educate audiences on energy issues through effective communications.

We blend creativity and technical knowledge to raise awareness, inform or mythbust in three core sector areas:

  1. Sustainable Building
  2. Power Grids and Networks
  3. Distributed Generation

Occasionally we work on projects across the wider energy and industrial sectors where our skills can make a difference to the venture.

Our Services

  • 01.

    Communications consultancy

    Be it through outsourced marketing functions, one off bespoke campaigns or additional resource for communications agencies, we bring our technical knowledge, rigorous programme management and creative flair to the table to tell clients stories. Herringbone use a range of techniques from across the marketing mix to bring your narrative to life – including local, national and international PR, copywriting, creative content, websites and digital, social channels and events.

  • 02.

    Bids and Tender Support 

    We offer outsourced bids and tender support, principally for communications / creative agencies and industry bid teams.

    For industry bid teams we offer bid copy writing and editing. We can also develop the communications strategies and plans needed to support large bid processes.

    For agencies, we are able to protect your busy team from the emotional investment it takes to move a cold brief to a warm lead and also provide ‘extra hands’ in times of new business booms. Our knack of getting under the skin of a brief and developing considered responses in line with your personal businesses approach will help you to drive growth … without skipping sleep.

  • 03.

    Bespoke research and analysis for business intelligence

    You might need to understand what parts of the Government budget are relevant for your business or who the key players are in a sector you have your expansion eye on. If you need new knowledge for business planning and development and can’t spare the resource in your own team to look at it, we’ll turn around a succinct report that you can use as a springboard for your investigations.

Our Team

Introducing the fabulous team here at Herringbone…

Our Values

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